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It is ideal for me to work on a “cold” horse, or one that has not just come out of exercise or work.  Exceptions are made for regular horse clients — once I know a horses body and how they will react, I am happy to adjust treatment and even provide custom care before travel or competition. 

Every horse should be clean and ready at the start of the appointment. Horses must be dry for PEMF treatment as it is not safe to use the coils on a wet horse. 

In Wisconsin, there are times it is too cold or too hot to work on horses. For my safety, your safety, and horse comfort, I will cancel appointments if temps drop too low (or get too high) and there is not appropriate space to work in.


An owner or handler must be present at the start of a session. I like to work on horses in a space that is comfortable for them and is relatively free of distraction, including hay or grain. Appropriate spaces include: Stall, stable aisle, indoor, or outdoor arena, etc.

During bodywork, it’s ideal for the owner to observe from a distance. Masterson Method relies on a careful read of the horse. When the owner is within reach, a horse may be reacting to them or using them as a distraction. You are welcome to be present during a session and I hope you will. I like questions and talking with owners.

For a PEMF treatment, I need access to a power outlet to run the Magnawave. There are times when I may ask you to hold your horse, for example when treating a hock or stifle.

Both treatments elicit tension release behaviors such as: licking, chewing, head shaking, coughing, and yawning. I’ve even had horses do deep stretching or long sighs. Moving around is another common behavior for horses releasing tension and your horse is not “being bad” if they wiggle around, paw, or move their bodies.

Covid-19 protocol

There are several steps I take to protect myself and others from Covid-19 during horse sessions:

  • Wash or sanitize my hands before and after each appointment.
  • Wear a mask while treating horses. 
  • Maintain appropriate distance.
  • Sanitize the interior of my work vehicle daily.
  • Disinfect the PEMF machine, including coils, case, and cords, between each barn (biosafety standard).

What I ask of clients: Please wear a mask and distance themselves when possible during the session. If you, someone in your household, or someone you physically spend time with has been or is sick, do not come to the appointment. I am happy to see your horse and provide a full account to you afterwards. Let me know so we can make arrangements.


In most cases, it’s nice for your horse to have a day off after bodywork or PEMF, or a light workout if they enjoy that. The important thing is to avoid forced movement because that can reinforce mechanics your horse was unwinding during a treatment. 

Following any session, access to clean, fresh water is essential. It’s ideal for your horse to have a comfortable space and freedom of movement. 

In some cases, horses get treatment right before competition, clinic, or even long distance travel. If that’s the case, we’ll be in communication about it and that session will be tailored to support that.

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