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Massage and magnetic wave therapy for your equine partner.



Improve horse health

There are many reasons to get massage or pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) treatments for your horse. A few examples:

  • Rehabbing an injury
  • Providing comfort or pain relief,
  • Overcoming a training plateau
  • Increasing a horse’s work

Customized massage or PEMF therapy sessions are designed to help your horse in the way that they need most.


Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy increases cellular healing & reduces inflammation to speed recovery. Relaxation sessions soothe the central nervous system.


Trained in the US and Europe to help horses release tension via gentle, hands-on treatments. Each session custom to fit your performance or pleasure horse partner.

Covid-19 Protocols

Read about the steps I take to protect myself and others from Covid-19 during horse sessions, and what I expect from owners/handlers.

red horse standing looking out stall with white coil of magnawave machine touching his side
white and brown paint horse standing on blue balance pads
person in foreground wearing riding helmet and a face mask, black and white scarf, dark blue shirt. Red horse in background.

What to expect

An overview of before, during, and after an equine bodywork session, including details on how I account for safety during Covid-19.

About Laurel

My work combines 30+ years horse experience and an international career in science communications.

These two paths have taken me on some wild rides — high-level dressage barns in Kentucky, to Oklahoma auction years, South African classrooms, a cargo flight to South Pole, Antarctica, and inside a polo barn in the UK.

I’ve worked on every continent to help people understand the way biology, genetics, and astrophysics are relevant to their lives. Now I’m thrilled to be in stables, stalls, and horse’s lives, helping them become the best competition partners and companions they can. Let’s talk about how I can help your horse.

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